National Society of Blackjacks

A High School Honor Society for J.R.O.T.C. and Military School Cadets

A Proud Member of the Pershing Family of Organizations

Who Are We

The National Society of Blackjacks is the nation's premier high school honor society dedicated to leadership development in J.R.O.T.C. and military school cadets.  An extension of the National Society of Pershing Rifles, the Blackjacks are dedicated to the same principles of leadership, academic scholarship, and military excellence espoused by the Pershing Rifles and its patron, General of the Armies of the United States, John J. Pershing.


Through the use of precision and exhibition drill and ceremony, the National Society of Blackjacks provides students with hands on leadership experience in a challenging and rewarding environment.  The student led, cadre supervised companies are at the core of the program and provide cadets with additional leadership opportunities beyond that of the normal J.R.O.T.C. curriculum.


Beyond the drill floor, Blackjacks lead by example by getting involved in their local communities.  Whether engaging in community service activities or partnering with local veterans organizations, Blackjacks cadets are known to set the example for their peers to emulate.


For those cadets who wish to go on and serve in the U.S. military, the National Society of Blackjacks works diligently to prepare students for college level R.O.T.C. programs.  For those who choose another path, the Blackjacks help instill a sense of civic responsibility and support for our Armed Forces.


A Blackjacks Cadet from Company A-4, Camden Military Academy at the 2016

Pershing Rifles National Convention.

The Pershing Project


The Pershing Foundation has partnered with the Pacific Film Foundation and ToneMesa, Inc. to produce a documentary on the life and legacy of General of the Armies John J. Pershing.


Our story is told through the experiences of the cadets of the Pershing Rifles and Blackjacks as they attempt to  walk in Pershing’s footsteps. From the plains of Missouri to the forests of France, our young cast learns of their patron’s accomplishments through hands on experience; through their interactions with descendants of General Pershing, General Patton, and Field Marshal Foch; and through the contributions of local tour guides and historians.


The Pershing Project’s goal is to educate Americans, particularly American youth, on the role General Pershing played in shaping America’s rise to prominence in the twentieth century, and to shed light on the sacrifices of the American soldiers who served alongside him in the American mid-west, Cuba, the Philippines, Mexico, and in Europe during World War I.

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The National Society of Blackjacks is a member of the Pershing Rifles Group Family of Organizations.

The Pershing Rifles Group is a registered 501(c)(10) non-profit organization in the State of Delaware.